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After decades in the industry, a writer and an agent took the best from the literary & film conference worlds and created The Gertrude Conference to uplift, inspire, and cross-pollinate storytellers! -- Join us! --

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Writer-Producer Leonard Chang wrote eight critically acclaimed novels before writing for the TV series Awake and Justified, where he was also a Co-Producer. Leonard then became an Executive Producer and Writer with the series Snowfall, which just ended its six-season run on FX. Currently, he's shepherding a few series as Showrunner and Creator at FX, ABC Signature, MACRO, 21 Laps, and other studios and networks.

Ladderbird Literary Agent and Publicist Natalie Obando founded Do Good PR Group and the Women of Color Writers Podcast and Programming. She’s also the President of the Women’s National Book Association (its first Latinx President!) and the founder / chair of Authentic Voices—a four-month long program that immerses people from marginalized communities in a master class of writing, editing, marketing, and publishing.

Caleb Ward's mission is to help and inspire creative folks worldwide. His work in AI has been featured in major news channels, documentaries, and podcasts. He believes in the democratizing power of AI and that AI will assist (not replace) storytellers - topics he will present at TGC! Caleb has worked alongside Oscar-winning studios and everyday creators, and is the CEO of Curious Refuge, the first online home for AI filmmakers.




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