Meet the Agents

Antoinette Van Sluytman, dana newman, and others TBA...

Meet and learn more about the vital role of Literary Agents. We'll discuss what they're looking for, thoughts on the current market, and their "watch outs" with new clients ... bring your questions!

These agents will also be available for pitching sessions.


Meet the Producers

leonard chang + miranda bailey

Ever wondered what the architects behind TV shows and movies do? Here we'll delve into the diverse and pivotal roles of producers, demystify their responsibilities and challenges with the folks behind Awake, Justified, Diary of a Teenage Girl, and many others. Our panelists will also share strategies about story creation, collaboration, financing, budgets, and navigating the distribution landscape. Yum!


From Fingers on the Keyboard to Money in the Bank

Paul S. Levine

Join agent and lawyer Paul discussing the ways authors can make money, including how they can profit from their books being "bought" by third-parties, such as the sale of movie and  TV rights and audiobooks.


PR + Marketing (even if you haven't been published yet)

Natalie Obando

Agent and publicist Natalie shares her enormous experience by sharing with you the deep dive lowdown on getting started - and ramping up - your PR and Marketing strategies.

Bring your notebook for this one!


Meet the Scriptwriters

Colette Freedman, Yvette foy, and others tba

Join Colette - whose work has been performed around the world, including as dramaturg on Carnegie Hall’s Mozart: Her Story, and who is the Dramatic Writing Program Officer at Antioch University and professor of writing at NYFA and Studio Arts - alongside Yvette, who works in the writers' room of The First Wives Club (BET) discussing the real world of a working screenwriter, how they got there, and what they've learned.


AI Filmmaking in Real Life (well...)

Caleb ward, jill bennett,
and lauren neal

Caleb has collaborated with leaders in filmmaking, from Oscar-winning studios to everyday creators, and serves as CEO of Curious Refuge, the first online home for AI filmmakers. He will share insights on cutting edge AI trends before queer actress and activist Jill and actor, director, and film editor Lauren will share how they brought their feature to life using AI.


Meet the Literary Journal Editors

Jeremy Schraffenberger, tobi harper, clint margrave

Find out what Jeremy, editor of the North American Review + Tobi, publisher of the Los Angeles Review + Clint, poetry editor of the Chiron Review are looking for in submissions, how they view the current and future literary landscapes, and their role elevating established and emerging voices.


In Conversation

Between a writer and the aone who adapted their novel

Come listen to a fascinating discussion not often seen: the novelist and the screenwriter who adapted their work (which premiered at Sundance!)! Learn why things were cut and added and more...

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