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the boutique hotel

TGC will be doing a HOTEL TAKEOVER (with a special rate) at the SHORT STORIES hotel, so every person you meet there will be part of the event. Rooms will be open to book October 15, 2023. Book here - other hotel options available too.


the fairfax+3rd street location

The area around the hotel is an art-driven neighborhood including the Farmer's Market, filled with dozens of amazing food and drink options + The WGA + The Grove, with a trolly running through the gorgeous outdoor mall + The Academy of Motion Pictures Museum + The LA County Museum of Modern Art + The Holocaust Museum + The Craft Contemporary Museum + adorable restaurants, cafes, and Trader Joe's - all walking distance!

gertrude conference


the panel locations

TGC panels, workshops, and events will be divided into two categories: on-site at the hotel and off-site in exciting locations within walking distance. The hotel will host the workshops, the poolside readings, the Roundtables for our Contest Finalists, the agent / manager pitches, and our Panelists' Happy Hour.

Perhaps the mission of an artist is to interpret beauty to people – the beauty within themselves.
-Langston Hughes